Alsalem Dental Clinics is an advanced dental practice located in the heart of Amman near Abdali Downtown and just opposite to Jordan Hospital. our philosophy in providing dental service is simply “providing excellence” and nothing less. A practice of 4 dental chairs, ready for emergencies and fully equipped with the latest in the dental world is what makes us outstanding. Fully digital diagnostic radiography (x-rays) including panoramic and CBCT available in the center.

Opening Hours

Saturday  –  Wednesday ( 9 am – 6 pm )

 Thursday      9 am – 2 pm

Friday             -Closed-


  • ITI – International Team for Implantology (International)
  • DGZI – German Society of Dental Implantology (Germany)
  • RCSEng – Royal College of Surgeons of England (UK)
  • FGDP – Faculty of General Dental Practice Membership (UK)
  • ACCD – The Academy of CAD/CAM Dentistry (US)
  • ADA – American Dental Association (US)
  • The Joint Commission Accreditation Program (US)







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Founder & Principle Dentist

Dr Ismail Alsalem

Dentist 2004 🇯🇴 Periodontist/ Implantologist (MSc) 2008 MFGDP(UK)RCS NDBE-USA DipRestDent RCS(Eng)- Manchester 2011 Est. Alsalem Dental Center 2011

News & Articles for Dentist

Bad oral habits

Teeth Grinding Grind, grind, grind… iYou may be familiar with this irritating noise, if your little one happ ens to be a teeth grinder. Teeth grinding is common in children, or  what is also called bruxism. In fact, three out of ten kids grind or clench their teeth, usually in response to stress, jaw growth, malocclusion, losing teeth, or other discomforts, such as allergies. Kids typically outgrow teeth grinding by the time they reach their teenage years. Most kids in their sleep who grit their teeth have no idea that they  are doing it. In fact, they don’t feel any pain in the jaw, head, ches t, or shoulder when they wake up in the morning. If it wasn’t for a  parent or sibling to tell them about it, in most situations, the teeth…

Dental Emergencies

Teething Pain Discomfort during teething period is normal in babies starting from four months to about two and a half years old. Babies in teething period will suffer from drooling, gums that are tender and irritable.  Brush your baby gums gently with wet gauze or give a cold teething ring to  help relieve the pain of your baby. Toothache Rinse the mouth and the affected area thoroughly with warm water or use dental floss if needed to remove any impacted food. Try to contact your child’s dentist. Do not apply aspirin or any heat to the…

What if you don’t have enough bone for implant placement?

What if you don’t have enough bone for implant placement? As mentioned earlier, we need to assess the implant placement site in a meticulous manner before proceeding to the first phase which is the surgical phase. This means after the 3D analysis of the implant placement site, we might notice that there is a deficiency…