About us

Alsalem Dental Clinics is an advanced dental practice located in the heart of Amman near Abdali Downtown and just opposite to Jordan Hospital. our philosophy in providing dental service is simply “providing excellence” and nothing less. A practice of 4 dental chairs, ready for emergencies and fully equipped with the latest in the dental world is what makes us outstanding. Fully digital diagnostic radiography (x-rays) including panoramic and CBCT available in the center. A dental microscope with latest technology is what makes “attention to details” a reality in our treatments. A dental scanner for impression taking instead of conventional impressions is available since late 2014 which is by itself a huge leap in dentistry for increasing accuracy, saving time and less communication between lab and dentist needed which means less “errors”. A Fully integrated milling machine and an in-house digital lab are also what makes our center the choice for travelers and residents; who doesn’t have a squeezed schedule nowadays? Single visit crown fabrication is now a reality, thanks for the digital world. Closing the gap with cross infection control with our fully equipped sterilization room and the presence of the most advanced sterilization units and a special sterilization unit for handpeices.

We hope that your experience with us will reach your high expectations. See you soon!