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We provide dental implant solutions in our center which can be listed as the following:

1. Implant placement (first stage)
2. Crown/bridge placement over implant/implants (second stage)
3. Bone and gingival augmentation around dental implants to enhance the success rate of dental implants in terms of function and aesthetics (cosmetics) . This includes bone grafting which can be from the jaw itself or a synthetic material that fill the defect, gingival grafting, the use of resorbable and non-resorbable membranes.

Cases listed which are treated in our center can simplify the understanding of each stage/ procedure.

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First stage (surgical)
The first stage of the dental implant process is to place the implant in the jaw bone surgically. The implant replaces the root, and the process of healing need atleast 3 months of healing which is called osseointegration (the integration of the bone with the implant itself).

During the process cells bone cells grow bone starts to buildup around the implant threads and calcify around it filling in the spaces to secure the implant in place.

If interested 👉🏻 We are attaching some clinical photos and X-rays of some cases relevant to the subject for patients treated in our clinic.

In our center we use the latest technology to examine and plan dental implant cases. Our center is equipped with 3D Cone beam CT scan for planning of implant placement before day of surgery.

Moreover, multiple photos along with physical impressions or digital scans are taken to record baseline situation before we proceed with treatment.

When we plan for dental implants, we start from the end, which is the final crown (tooth) position within the facial parameters. This might include a smile analysis of the work was on the front area or if it was a full mouth rehabilitation case.

When we fix the final crown/crowns position, we analyze bone situation for implant placement in relation to the perfect crown position. Some cases would need augmentation and some cases are absolutely fine without any additional bone grafting material. All of this must be explained to the patient before we start with the treatment as 80% of cases success depend on this particular step. “Planning, planning, planning.

2nd phase

After 3-6 months of implant placement usually it’s the the ideal timing for the clinician to uncover the dental implant(s).

A new piece of machined titanium is a attached to the implant housing by means of a screw. This connection is very crucial to keep the whole structure stable.

The crown can be cemented or more favorably screw retained ( an access hole maintained in the chewing surface of the crown which is covered later with a white filling and can be removed any time for maintenance or to clean excess cement between the crown and the abutment.

In terms of time intervals between implant placement and loading it with a crown, there is a paradigm shift toward immediate loading of multiple implants in the day of surgery especially when it cross the arch and a less shift toward immediate loading over single implants as the load distribution can highly affect single implants and almost negligible when having 4 or more implants crossing the midline.

The only time we would take immediate loading as an option is when we have two sound clean teeth on both sides of the space in the upper front area that we do not by any mean want to touch and/or having a deep bite while a bonded crown can’t function well in the temporary phase after placement.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us more if you have more questions about dental implants

Cases were treated in our center